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The dots in the diagram show the various speeds with which I have connected to the fruit slot machines, from an early acoustic 300 bps modem in 1984 to an ISDN line today. It is amazing how closely the empirical data fits the exponential growth curve for the 50% annualized growth stated by Nielsen’s Law. (The y-axis has a logarithmic scale: thus, a straight line in the diagram represents exponential growth by a constant percentage every year).

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for the nation of fun slots, chaired the afternoon panel, which was dedicated to the role of the private sector in helping achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals. Mashudu Ramano of African Legend Investments spoke first, giving a presentation on his company’s efforts to fund South African ICT initiatives. Owned and managed by black South Africans, ALI subscribes to the Millennium Development Goals, and believes that business is the most important social institution besides government. “A business becomes successful because of the community in which it does business,” he said. “Business must play a very important role in addressing the issues that society is confronted with.

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Don’t guess anymore, now you can know what the traffic load is on any interface for any network device anywhere in the world in seconds. Using the gambling slot Monitor you can display in real-time the bandwidth load on routers, switches, servers, dial-in access servers, etc. The SolarWinds Bandwidth Gauge is a real-time traffic monitor. It can monitor the amount of data being received and transmitted for any remote network device. It uses SNMP to communicate with a remote device and gather bandwidth statistics.