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Treasure Hunting at Buck$ Ahoy Slots

Buck$ Ahoy Slots will swoop at you when you find them on a casino room. This slot machine attributes a broad-eyed sailor and his evenly animated parrot. The pirate is looking at a potential player a salute and a smile, as if he is pointing out the exact location of the treasure.

These slot machines is augmented with Reel Touch expertise, paving the way for an easier and quicker navigation essential to the game’s nature. The (LCD) features of Reel Touch technology not only gives a better video graphics, but at the same time gives players more spin per hour play on buck$ Ahoy slots. Reel Touch technology also gives a better entertainment quality of the game.

The Slot Machine’s Overview

Buck$ Ahoy slots is included in the category of 5-reel and 9-payline slot machine games which is now so popular. The game renders a 45 coin highest bet. Since Buck$ Ahoy slot machine is a penny slot game, automatically you’ll eligible to play for the huge jackpot for only a meager 90 cents maximum wager.

It also offers a 90 coin maximum bet for a 100,000 coin top prize, and a 180 coin maximum wager which qualifies to the 200,000 jackpot.

For the normal 45 coin maximum wager for a Buck$ Ahoy slots the jackpot is 50,000 coins or 500 dollars. Since this is not a progressive jackpot slots game which is characterized by erratic winning percentage, you stand a good chance of getting the big bucks in each slots session.

Reaching the Bucks Ahoy Jackpot

To qualify for the jackpot, you must place a bet on all 9 paylines. In addition, you need to have the maximum wagers on all paylines. Once more, Buck$ Ahoy offers a penny slots game, so your bets will turn out to be a meager wager.

Bonus King Bonus Round

You won’t be waiting long enough to reach for the top prize because this slot gives a 2 large coin bonus game and a 6 bonus round. The bonus King 6 bonus game is offered by IGT.

The Pirate’s Table bonus Round

Hitting three pirate symbols will trigger the Pirate’s Table extra round. The game begins with a buccaneer taking a nap at a table. Take your chance to seize as much treasure as possible while the pirate is past asleep. One false move will awaken the pirate and your bonus round is over.

The Treasure Beach Bonus Round

This bonus game is set in motion when three X-Marks-the-Spot symbols lands on any place on the monitor. The screen will reveal several locations on the beach where you can excavate. Each spot contains equivalent bonus cash and it’s up for you to gather as much as you can so that you will garner much bonus coins.